The Meter Readings…

  So…here it is. I’ve started a blog. What about? Well, it’s about being Naomi’s mom and the adventures we have as a family while striving to maintain  blood glucose levels within the ideal target range every day, every hour of her life.  Our goal is to help create and teach Naomi how to lead a “regular”  life.  A life where  Type 1 Diabetes is just simply apart of Naomi, it is our hope she will be able to go above and beyond her dreams in whatever it is her heart desires.  Naomi is our Diabetic Superstar and she has Type 1 Diabetes.                                      



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2 responses to “The Meter Readings…

  1. Hey! I’ll be your first follower! You know I’ll be interested in what you are going through… because chances are, we have too! Looking forward to reading 🙂

  2. Rhonda

    Bravo! Bravo! You got it up and running!!!
    Yes she is a superstar – what a great photo!

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