Type 1 encouraged my enrollment in kick boxing.

This is a list I’m going to start about things that drive me nuts about our experience right now with Type 1 Diabetes.  I think about some of these things daily, some of them will go away with time and some of them will never go away.  Kick boxing has been a great release for some of this stress. 

 In no particular order:

1. Bananas!  They are so unpredictable when it comes to carb counting….totally depends on ripeness! So much for baking treats with bananas in them. Bleh!

2.  Every dose of insulin and every carb is in an effort to keep Naomi alive one more day.  How super lame is that? I’m thankful though to have both the insulin, blood glucose meter and food to feed her!

3.  Finishing all the food. I have NEVER been one to force Naomi or Levi to eat everything on their plates. I have been against this since I started them as babies on oatmeal/rice cereal. I know too many girls that grew up fighting eating disorders and obesity as a result of this type of pressure as a child. Creating issues around food is something I always hoped to avoid.   A set number of carbs well balanced with protein and fat for a six-year-old and strictly scheduled meal times….Funny Lord, real funny. I’m not finding your humor in this one AT ALL! If only I understood His plan sometimes, that would be GREAT!

4.  Younger siblings that suffer loss of attention. The little buddy still needs so much of my love and attention and I am just feeling horrible he doesn’t get what he so deserves!  I guess this is just one more reason why I am so glad to have the option to send him to kindergarten for half day, no full day for my boy…he’ll be grown up in gone fast enough as it is!

5.  Younger siblings that don’t understand and make remarks that are hurtful. Can we say big  T.O!

6.  People with good intentions that haven’t got a clue.  Type 1 Diabetes is similar to Type 2 in that they both have the name Diabetes in them and the pancreas is involved. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease that is not yet preventable and the pancreas does not produce insulin.  Type 2 is preventable through proper diet and exercise.  The pancreas still works and produces insulin, there just simply isn’t enough insulin to cover all the ingested food.  Type 2 is reversible and does not always require daily shots of insulin…I’d pay big money to trade types for my child.

7.  Sleep-overs. Really? How in the world? What parent will be willing to check my daughters blood sugar in the middle of the night, give insulin correctly in the morning and provide the properly carb counted breakfast? A special one that is for sure, I can bet it will be a D Mom. Naomi used to love sleep overs and has already had to turn one down, she cried.

8.  The insulin I give my daughter could also end her life. If I don’t give her insulin, a high level of glucose in the blood could end her life.   Every day is working towards keeping both insulin and glucose levels at a proper balance.

9.  I will NEVER get used to the feeling I get when I walk in her bedroom at night to check her blood sugar.  I ALWAYS check her breathing first  to make sure she is still alive.  I also get this same feeling in the morning if she does not wake up on her own but has slept in a little.

10.  I have to wake my daughter from sleeping in on Saturday morning to give her insulin and food, she does not get to sleep in.



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2 responses to “Type 1 encouraged my enrollment in kick boxing.

  1. Rhonda

    Heartbreaking. I see what Naomi, you, and the whole family go through day and night, every second of the day. Especially you.”D-Mom” is somewhat of a misnomer if you ask me. Just like “SAHM” It’s so much more than four little letters. On a positive note: great job on the blog entry 🙂

  2. Alexis

    Glad to have found your blog! Thanks for the comment 🙂

    I can sooo relate this, maybe I need to start boxing too!

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