Naomi's 7th Birthday

So…the latest.  Big picture we’re doing good.

Well we had some “rest” from the super rider rollercoaster, Naomi’s bg’s were pretty predictable for about four days during the day. The night well that’s usually not a problem for Naomi, it’s me that gets up once, twice and sometimes three times a night.  I don’t mind getting up, I just need to catch a nap during the day every now and then and I seem to function pretty good. Night before last I stood in Naomi’s room as she slept for about 15 minutes trying to figure out what to do. Should I give her glucose to raise her up a bit so I can actually sleep for a couple of hours? What if it’s not enough, what if she’s on a rapid decrease? What if she’s totally stable now and it doesn’t continue to drop and giving her glucose ends up pushing her up to high and we have to correct her at breakfast? I think she was at like 112.   Hummmnn…decisions decisions to make at 4am so I stood there with a blank stare at her Super Girl night-light trying to decide. So I opted for 1/2 a glucose tablet (yes she sometimes has to eat sugar tablets while sleeping).  Half a glucose tablet usually raises her 15-20 if she’s not dropping fast when I give it to her (something I have no way of knowing at this time) and then I prayed for safety and protection over her as she slept.  I was up for the day 2 hours later and went in to make sure she was breathing and then when she was awake thankfully she was at an ideal bg for before breakfast. Phew, we made it through another night without any major highs or lows.

We’ve pretty much decided on the Animas Ping Pump and the Dexcom CGM. We are so excited to get rolling, especially with the pump.   Tonight was one of those times where Naomi’s bg was 268, she’s got a temp and getting sick. At 268 there’s no snack coming her way without additional insulin. But 268 isn’t so high that I can be confident if I give a correction dose her bg won’t come down to low when her long acting insulin takes effect around 11PM. and the vicious cycle continues. So…we opted to skip a carb snack, go with sugar-free jello and we’ll recheck her bg in a few hours to see how things are.  Now of course with a CGM we would easily be able to tell if her bg continues to climb into the night even without a snack.  If her bg climbs and we were on the pump that would mean no injection to bring her bg down, it would be the push of a button on my handy remote and she wouldn’t feel or notice a thing, she could sleep right through it.  Oh….we are so ready.

Recently we did a 3 day trial with a CGM. I didn’t care for the one we had as the trial but we were able to confirm that a CGM will be a great tool to have for helping us care for Naomi.  A CGM will give Naomi more control over caring for herself which is moving in the right direction since she will own this responsibility later in her life.  The pump and CGM we’re likely going to purchase are hoping to be integrated in the near future….like a year or so, so they say.

Naomi had her 7th birthday and it was great. Naomi had a wonderful day and evening with family and friends. We had a party at a place where active is all kids are, so we had it planned out that our darlin’ would be getting so much exercise she would probably be able to have the extra carbs from cake/pizza without any trouble. Yeah…not so much, but kinda! HA! We ended up having to give a correction dose of insulin in the afternoon and Naomi had one of her horrible RLS episodes that night as a result of the high bg’s.  What did we learn, well…we were reminded you  can’t plan out diabetes, you can only prepare for dealing with it!

Well..that’s all for now folks! If Naomi’s getting sick I better get to bed, it could be a long night for a few nights.


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One response to “24/7/365

  1. As a parent, I could only imagine how scary this must be for you at times. I had gestational diabetes, I know that’s really minor in comparison, but I could relate to how you and your daughter must feel. As a mom, you are so brave and strong.
    Thank you for sharing and giving other moms encouragement.

    With lots of love,
    Lexie Lane

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