I am a Christian, wife, mother of Naomi and Levi and I am a friend.  I don’t settle for average in most areas of my life and I welcome most challenges. I started exercising and running back in 2001, by the finish of  2002 I had trained and finished a few 10K’s, two half marathons and lastly the Portland, OR marathon. I was highly successful in my career prior to becoming a stay at home mom, being in the top 5 for sales in my department was not uncommon.  I enjoy cooking great food.  I use recipes for guidance only, if I can make something a little healthier all the while maintaining a delightful presentation for our palate then I’m happy. Most recently I have been challenged to take on Type 1 Diabetes with my daughter. Not only do I get to be a mom but I get to be the mother of a fantastic Type 1 Diabetic child.


I am not paid by any of the companies that are mentioned on my site for the remarks that I have made.  I would be happy to review your products and write about my opinions and experiences with them, just send me free samples to try out. I will only provide my opionion. Nothing on my site should be considered as medical advice but strictly our experience.


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