Day 1 - Moments after sensor insertion #1!


Relief, the Conn family has a little relief! We got Naomi a Dexcom Seven+ Continuous Glucose Monitor.   Not only do I feel relief but I think Naomi does as well, it’s a win-win so far with our Dexcom CGM.  I was a little worried she wouldn’t like it after a while and find it to be a pain in the tushy to keep with her BUT today she said “Mom, I’m really liken’ this thing”. I’m so glad.  I think Naomi is a bit OCD, like myself and her father. HA!  The number of finger pricks have diminished incredibly. The accuracy is outstanding. Comfort? Not one complaint and I think she forgets she even has the thing attached to her belly.  We’ve caught a few lows that would have gone much lower had we not known they were coming and corrected a high that was headed gosh to Mt. Hood I think. Darn pizza, so unpredictable sometimes. Maybe it wasn’t the pizza, maybe it was constipation?  Who knows, I know I don’t but what I do know is that our new CGM is providing us with so much more information than we had before that it is really helpful.  I’ve also had some sleep! I got to sleep from 2am-6:45am both this last Friday and Saturday nights! Naomi didn’t have two finger pricks while sleeping, just the one at 2am both nights. Hip, hip, hooray!  I am anxious to see where her A1c is a few months from now. I think having the CGM and then also the pump (should be within the next month) it is going to be a whole new T1 lifestyle.  Her A1C is supposed to be between 7%-8% (if I remember correctly) and she was 7.5% at her last appointment so maybe I can get her down to 7% by the start of school this coming fall? Goal? Nah…….just going to do my best to keep her happy and healthy now and always.


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