Our Story

  Slowly over the course of a week and a half Naomi started drinking more and more water.  We didn’t notice the increased thirst right away because it was somewhat gradual.  What we did notice was her increased number of trips to the bathroom where she was actually producing urine on each trip.  On a Friday after school Naomi came to me and was telling me about how she was needing extra trips to the bathroom during class time.  I questioned whether or not her social life was getting in the way of her being responsible and going to the bathroom when given the opportunity. Naomi is a very social little girl, making sure she gets her chitter chatter in and her hair done in the proper fashion is of the greatest importance to her. Naomi is six and a half years old in age but in so many ways I get little visions of her as a preteen. It is our prayer the Lord will give her great direction and that she will follow it as she goes through her teen years. Now..back to the diagnosis..So on the following Monday I had a quick little conversation with Naomi’s teacher about bathroom breaks and  if she could help me figure out what was going on that would be just so wonderful. A couple days went by and there was no mention of  still needing to go to the bathroom during class, I figured the problem was solved and her lovely teacher had figured out what was going on. We love Naomi’s first grade teacher, she is a true blessing.  So the school problem was solved. The next change was during Naomi’s rest at night. On both Monday and Tuesday nights of the week she was diagnosed Michael and I noticed that two hours after falling asleep Naomi would get up to go to the bathroom and then again two and half hours later. We wondered what that was about for a couple days.  I also started noticing the rise in the number of trips to the bathroom at home during the evening. Naomi was drinking more water but I figured she had always been good about her water consumption and she was so active that well..she was just thirsty!  I asked Naomi probably five times if her tummy hurt or did she have pain when she was going to the bathroom, all the questions I could think of to in case a UTI was going on.  Naomi always said she felt just fine. 

  On Thursday October 28, 2010 Naomi was playing at our neighbors home for about 45 minutes, within a half an hour of being at their house she had made three trips to the bathroom.  After playing at the neighbor’s house she came home and then shortly after I took her to go spend the night with her grandparents. While on the 10 minute drive Naomi drank her entire 24oz water bottle that I had filled just prior to leaving the house.  About an hour after I had dropped Naomi off to be with Nunu (her grandmother) I got a phone call. Naomi had made a couple of trips to the bathroom during the middle of getting a pedicure. My mom thought maybe Naomi had  a UTI and was wondering if I had asked her or noticed anything. That was it, I had had it with wondering what was going on with my little Naomi so I called our pediatricians office. I talked with the nurse and within about two minutes she said I needed to either bring Naomi to their office within 15 minutes for a blood sugar check or take her to the E.R since they were closing. Okay..so Naomi was 45 minutes away from the doctor’s office, there was no way we could get her there in 15 minutes. I confirmed taking her to the local urgent care would be sufficient since they could check blood sugar levels there – they said yes that would be fine. Not a big deal, right? So my mom fed Naomi dinner and then we met in the middle of our cities at an urgent care facility. The doctor took Naomi’s blood sugar level and checked for ketones. I had no idea what ketones were but I knew that she had just urinated all over my arm while we were in the bathroom and we got a good laugh out of it.  Well, it turned out Naomi’s blood sugar level was so high the meter was unable to read it. The ketones..they were at maximum or something like 6000+..aka NOT GOOD! I knew that we were being told  Naomi is diabetic but that really didn’t mean all that much to me. I knew a little about Type 2 Diabetes but nothing about Type 1. The doctor said go to the emergency room now, I”ll call and let them know you will be arriving very shortly. I asked if I could stop to get my husband. The doctor said I should have him meet me outside, not to stop the car but that the additional support would very much be necessary. The doctor also informed me that if Naomi fell into a coma on our drive to the hospital to pull over, call an ambulance and tell them to bring insulin. Uh okay…that FREAKED ME OUT! So..here my mom, Naomi and I were at the urgent care. My mom followed me home so she could take care of our little guy Levi since Michael was literally going to walk out the door and hop in the car. 

  It was a dark rainy night and I was still in my gym clothes from my afternoon workout.  I was a nervous wreck trying not to show any fear since I didn’t want Naomi to get scared.  I called my mother and father in-law on the way home to let them know what was going on but they weren’t home. I am sure my message was horrifying to hear…I know they could hear the fear and nervousness in my voice as trying to talk was nearly impossible. I thought there was a good chance my daughter could die right then and there. So I stopped the car in the middle of our street all jacked up, Michael hopped in the car and drove us the rest of the way. When we got to the hospital they took us right back to the pediatric ER. The doctor came in, they checked Naomi’s blood glucose level again and the meter there still would not give a reading other than “maximum blood glucose levels”. So they drew a vial of blood and sent it to the lab.  As I recall the lab reported her blood glucose level was something over 900. I’ll never forget the look and emotion that filled our doctor in the ER, she was holding back tears.  All I knew was that she knew we didn’t really realize the true meaning of what she was telling us and that was causing her great distress.  Finally a doctor with some real bedside manner, she was classy and wonderful.  That night we met our new Pediatric Endocrinologist, who we love, she is fantastic.  We spent the next few days at the hospital learning about insulin, blood sugar, counting every single carbohydrate and all the little details of Type 1 Diabetes.  Naomi’s mood swings were wild as her blood glucose levels went high, low, high, low etc….By day two Naomi was angry about getting all the shots, she was getting so many and didn’t understand why. It was horrible to experience.  I had to give my daughter shots of insulin to keep her alive and I knew that this was something she was going to have every dayof her life in one way or another. I had to be firm with Naomi about eating every bite of her food and in a certain amount of time. The food was okay but sometimes it was nasty..like the bread on her grilled cheese that was totally soggy..she had to eat it. Naomi and I cried together on many occassions..and we still do from time t time. Type 1 Diabetes can really suck. Yup..not one of my favorite words but sometimes it just does. 

  So Halloween came along and one of our favorite nurses was going to be dressed up as a “smarty pants’, she was attaching smarties all over her pants. How cute is that?  Little did we know that smarties are now one of our favorite things to use for raising Naomi’s blood sugar when she’s going low!  We were sent home on Halloween afternoon just in time for a whole new experience with trick-or-treating.  In so many ways it was like bringing home our first newborn baby all over again…the overwhelming responsibility to keep her happy, healthy and alive…could we really do it and do it well?  Halloween night our doctor made sure we knew how to figure out exactly how much candy Naomi could have so that she could continue to live the joyful life of a child on her first night home.  Naomi was so good about it, not one bit of a bad attitude or tear shed as we googled carb facts for each fun size bag of candy in her bucket going “yes this you can have, nope not this one, yes this one, nope not this one”.  Naomi got to have three good sized treats of candy.  As I recall it was 15carbs of candy for every half an hour of nicely paced trick-or-treating!


Naomi starting to feel better. We played many games on the dry erase board in her room.


Just prior to stepping out the door to trick-or-treat.


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